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Art Around the Corner

Wednesday, April 6th, 2016 at 2:31pm Shell Admin St. George

If you know me, you know I love art and am fascinated with artists. When you look at a piece of art you are looking into the soul of the artist. You are seeing their thoughts, feeling their emotions. Sometimes when you look at a full collection you can see their moods. It just amazes me how someone can put so much of themselves into their work and then sell it to complete strangers. Some strangers not even getting the purpose of the piece. True emotional release has to occur when that happens.

Yesterday, I discovered something unique about St. George, UT. Art around the Corner.

Art around the corner is a not for profit organization that works with local (sometimes world known) artists. These artists, mostly sculptures donate a piece of art work for the city enjoyment.  These sculptures are strategically placed throughout the down town area, commissioned for 1 year.

art on main   Awe, but here is the cool thing. These pieces are for sale as well. It’s like a live gallery!

“Art on main is dedicated to supporting the arts and enriching the community of St. George.” Brochure quote.

Bronze sculptures from Jerry Anderson and L’Dean Trueblood



Jerry Anderson- WCAZ 2012

L Dean

Metal art from Tim Little, Doug Adams and Dan Toone

Many more: Karen Crain, Mont Crosland, Dimitry Domani, Annette Everett, Deveren Farley, Ben Hammond, Dan Hill, Franz Johansen, Nathan Johansen, Dana Kuglin, Val Lewis, Jack Morford, Gary Lee, Reven Marie Swanson, Patrick Sullivan, Joshua Toone, and Ronnie Walker.

If you are wondering down town and notice all the art make sure you check out Art Around the Corner’s website to see which pieces are for sale. Check out the artists online, connect with them emotionally. Who knows maybe you just might fall in love!

Art Around the Corner:

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